Indy’s Real Estate Gurus at the Indianapolis Monthly Dream Home

Indy’s Real Estate Gurus are on location at the Indianapolis Monthly Dream Home as it is being constructed at Geist Resevoir. This one of a kind home is being construced by Scott Campbell of Scott Campbell Custom Homes and Developments and Scott will discuss the home and some of the amazing features. We are also joined by Linda Mardoh owner of Savvy Decor and the Decorator for this beautiful home and Outdoor Environments Group and Indy’s Custom Pools owner Chad Bruick who discusses the elabrate pool and landscaping for this Geist Resevoir penecula home.





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Fighter Pilot turned Financial Guru

Chris Norwood 6-29-14

This week on Indy’s Real Estate Gurus meet Chris Norwood, CFA, MPA, Senior Investment Advisor at Biechele Royce Advisors. Chris talks with Rick Ripma and Jeff Kucic about whats the stock and bond markets and where he see those markets and your retirement investments going. If you want to protect your retirement egg then you need to listen this Sunday at 11AM on Freedom 95 950AM and 95.9FM or on Itunes at Freedom 95.

Who in the World is Your Hard Working Mortgage Guy!

Hi, I’m Rick Ripma, Your Hard Working Mortgage Guy. My team and I help folks like you finance their homes in Indiana and Ohio at the very best overall mortgage option available to you. This insures that you receive the maximum financial benefit by working with us. Have you ever financed a home and been charged thousands of dollars in closing costs? Maybe along with those outrageous costs you received slow to no response from you loan officer to your questions and concerns. That’s what happened to me too before I started in the mortgage business. I was afraid of the process, I didn’t like giving my financial information, and I detested the cost of financing. I actually had one joker wanting to refinance me with charges of over $10,000. I really don’t like feeling that I am being taken advantage of and that is exactly how I felt. Then I found Union Savings Bank and because a loan officer here. I learned the ins and outs of mortgages and mortgage financing. I worked to become an expert in mortgages. Now I’ve put this site together to give you access to what has taken me many thousands of hours to learn. You can now pick and choose the information you need to become knowledgeable, you’ll feel confident when shopping for a mortgage, and you will know the information you need to make a wise mortgage decision. Since mortgage rules, regulations, and rates change constantly. I keep myself and my customers up to date on those changes. It used to be, for our parents or grandparents, you had a relationship with your banker and you could just stop by and tell them what you wanted and with a handshake and a few signatures you had the loan you needed. Not anymore, today our government has gotten deeply involved in mortgages and has created a paperwork monster that you need an expert to help you plot a course through. My team and I are the experts you need to plot that course. Our experience of working with thousands of mortgage customers has given us the knowledge and experience necessary to make your mortgage process very low costs and as painless as possible. However, not everything works out when completing a mortgage. There are so many issues that can cause problems or require additional information. When this happens working with mortgage experts helps you navigate this mine field as painlessly as possible. If you are thinking of refinancing or purchasing a home look through this website, take the time to watch the videos that apply to you, and then email or call us to discuss your individual mortgage situation and needs. Thanks you for watching and please enjoy our free videos.

Mechanics Lien and Mortgage Releases?

Ray Summeier 6-15-14

Have you every wondered what a mechanics lien was, how it gets on your homes title and how do you get rid of it. How about that old mortgage that still shows up on your title and is keeping your home from closing on time. This week Ray Summeier, Executive Vice President Business Development with Columbia Title explains these issues and more on Sunday, June 15th at 11AM.