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  • How should you pay a financial planner? Part I

    How should you pay a financial planner? Part I

    Financial planner compensation my seem like a minor detail but it can have a huge impact on your investments. This video along with videos 2 and 3 will help you understand the options and which one might be best for you.   Paying a Financial Planner | Indianapolis Mortgage Company

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  • Money Problems?

    Money Problems?

    Money problems? If you have money but don’t know how to invest it. Listen to this video as Ron Rich Certified Financial Planner talks about money problems.   Money Problems | Hard Working Mortgage Guy

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  • Starting a Financial Plan

    Starting a Financial Plan

    Financial planning has several benefits what this video to learn why you should work with a financial planner .

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  • Should You have a Financial Plan

    Should You have a Financial Plan

    In this interview Rick interviews Ron Rich Certified Financial Planner to learn what financial planning is and why you should consider working with a financial planner.

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  • Title Insurance Discount are you eligible?

    Title Insurance Discount are you eligible?

    One myth I have heard with title work is if you use your previous title company you will receive a discount on the mortgage insurance. Watch this video to see if this myth holds water.

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  • USDA 100% Financing

    USDA 100% Financing

    Interview with USDA financing expert Jeff  Cothern of Union Savings Bank.

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  • Why it’s time to buy?

    Why it’s time to buy?

    Today maybe the best time in history to buy a home. In this video Your Hard Working Mortgage Guy reviews Home Affordability for 2011. These statistics may surprise. As you look at what is going on in the housing market in the Indianapolis and the surrounding counties and you look at the data, which you will see below, I think you will find that today, this time in history, may be the best opportunity you have ever had to purchase a home and the most affordable time to purchase a home. Historically, when interest rates drop home prices go up […]

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  • Pre-approval! Now or Later?

    Pre-approval! Now or Later?

    When is the right time to be pre-approved for that home you want to buy. This video will explain when and why you need to be pre-approved. You are thinking about buying a new home and are wondering: what is the process and what should I do first. Our recommendation: you should get pre-approved.  There are a variety of reasons why you need to get pre-approved before you go look for a home. First, not everybody qualifies for a mortgage.  It can be very disheartening to find the perfect home, negotiate a purchase price, than find out when applying for the […]

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  • Upfront Costs and your mortgage

    Upfront Costs and your mortgage

    So what should you expect to pay upfront?  You are out shopping for a mortgage and people are telling you different fees and closing costs and all these things and you are trying to decide well okay what is it going to cost me upfront? Basically there are two items you are going to be charged for upfront and lenders will call it two different things.  Generally you will have an Application Fee, which is what we happen to charge.  The Application Fee is charged after you have had time to review your Good Faith Estimate.  Our Application Fee on […]

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