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A Story about Sarah and Charlie

Sarah and Charlie drove neighborhood to neighborhood looking for that delightfully charming home they'd been dreaming of: up and down, back and forth, this way and that way, all over town looking and looking. Then, right before giving up on the whole notion, BAM, there sat, before their very eyes, that perfect home: the wonderfully beautiful home they had been dreaming of for what seemed like forever. Not only was it picture perfect, it was for sale!

Startled, with silly grins on their faces, they slowly turned to each other. Sarah screamed, "Charlie do you see it, do you see it?" Charlie nodded in disbelief, shock, and excitement. Emotions that were obvious to Sarah and anyone else that might be watching.

Sarah pulled her phone out and started snapping pictures of everything within view...the home, the For Sale Sign, the neighborhood, and Charlie. After some time, Sarah and Charlie calmed down a little and drove home talking excitedly and making plans. As they talked, Charlie started to grow nervous.

Nervously Charlie said to Sarah: "that is our perfect home-at least from the outside-but we still need to sell our current one or at least how much it's worth. Do you think we can afford it? Will we even like what it looks like inside? What should we do now?

Sarah pulled out the card of... (Drum roll please) Rick Ripma whose tagline they laughed about, it said “Your Hard Working Mortgage Guy”. The card was given to them a few weeks back by their best friends Bob and Karen. Friends they trusted completely. Friends that had always steered them in the right direction. After all, it was Bob and Karen who had played matchmaker to get Sarah and Charlie together in the first place. Bob had told them they should call Rick before they go out looking for a home. "Rick will help you know what price of home you can afford both quickly and accurately!" he said, "He’ll also recommend a great Realtor if you need one. Rick really took a lot of the stress we were feeling about buying a home and selling our home off of us so we could enjoy the experience. He’ll do the same thing for you."

"Bob was right," they said in harmony, "we should have called Rick when we were given his card."

I'll fix that right away!" proclaimed Charlie.

With their pre-qualification out of the way, they called the Realtor that Rick recommended and they went to see their dream home. Sarah and Charlie were even more excited after visiting the home, which seemed impossible to them, and they wanted to make an offer right away before someone else swooped in and bought it. Since they were pre-qualified, they could. Their Realtor put the offer together and sent it off to the sellers. Then the agent viewed Sarah and Charlie’s home and came up with a great price and game plan to sell it quickly. Since they qualified for the new home without selling their current home Sarah wasn’t worried, but Charlie--well Charlie was a little nervous about the possibility of owning two homes and having two mortgages. But once he saw the Realtor's game plan to sell their home Charlie relaxed significantly. It was a great plan and it worked: their home sold in no time.

Meanwhile, the sellers countered Sarah and Charlie’s offer. Their agent went to work and after one more counter, their dream home was to be theirs.

Sarah and Charlie worried about being approved even though they had been pre-qualified. They made sure they did everything Rick and his team asked them to do. The paperwork was intense but Rick and his team made it as easy as possible and time flew.

Finding their dream home, negotiating on that home, listing and selling their old home, applying for a mortgage, doing all of the paperwork, and finally, believe it or not, Sarah and Charlie were at the closing for their dream home. The home that had taken their breath away when they had first laid eyes on it. With a few more signatures Sarah and Charlie owned that delightfully charming home that they so desperately wanted and deserved.

At the closing table, the sellers asked Sarah how they made it to closing so quickly and smoothly. Sarah looked them in the eye and said: "It was simple. We called Rick Ripma and he helped us every step of the way." Giving them one of Rick's cards she said: "You should call him too. Did you see how little they charged us for closing costs? Unbelievable! Not only are they inexpensive, but they are also quick and return calls and emails promptly." That really gives us peace of mind over the long term. We just can’t recommend them strongly enough. We’ve already sent friends and family to him and will use him for all of our mortgages." Later that day Sarah and Charlie relax in their new family room, they have wide smiles on their faces. Their happiness and contentment are palatable. Sarah sighs and Charlie knows everything is right with their world.

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Pre-qualify for your next mortgage

Pre-qualify for your next mortgage.

You’ve searched the internet and now you’re driving the streets looking for your dream home.
But you’re wondering, how much can I afford, will a lender loan me the money and can I make the payments? What am I doing?
Wouldn’t you love to have that peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re qualified for the home of your dreams? How can you achieve that elusive home buying peace of mind?

Your home buying peace of mine starts with a call to me, Rick Ripma, Your Hard Working Mortgage Guy! I’ll walk you through the pre-qualifying process making it as easy and comfortable as possible. When we’re done you’ll know which dream home you qualify for.

How will you know? Because I’ll issue your pre-qualification letter based on an analysis of your credit, debts, and income and I’ll do this free of charge.
A pre-qualification letter from Advisors Mortgage Group lets the seller know that you can afford their home and that you are a serious, qualified and exceptional buyer. You’re someone that will make the neighbors excited, happy and proud. For your home buying peace of mind contact me Rick Ripma, Your Hard Working Mortgage.

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